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Ys VIII Launching On PC In April | Gap4.com

Ys VIII Launching On PC In April

After numerous delays, Ys VIII should be finally hitting PC in April.

The game was originally scheduled to release on January 30 but was delayed indefinitely ten days before release due to issues stemming from PC specifications and the porting process not being able to deal with them well. In an interview posted today on Youtube channel Greg’s RPG HeaveN, NISA president Takuro Yamashita confirmed the April date.

“Translation-wise, there’s no problem, but we’ve had some small issues about porting to the Steam version,” Yamashita stated.

The problems centered around the PC not having fixed specifications, so certain configurations were resulting in slow gameplay. While Yamashita did not give an exact date for the release, he was confident in April for the PC version. 

Ys VIII released last year on PlayStation 4 and Vita, but the poor translation caused English fans to complain to both NISA and Ys developer Nihon Falcom, prompting the entire game to be retranslated by a completely different group. The new translation came out in late January and will be the basis for the PC version coming in April and a Switch version coming sometime in 2018.


Our Take
Ys VIII has been a series of baffling missteps from NISA, but it sounds like they’re righting the ship fairly well. Hopefully the PC version meets expectations.


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