Yakuza 6 Demo Pulled From PSN As Players Access The Full Game

Sega has pulled the Yakuza 6 demo from PSN on its day after release after some intrepid players discovered ways around the story gating progress to play the entire full game.

As we reported yesterday, the Yakuza 6 demo came in at a huge 36GB, essentially downloading the full game with the ability to progress stopping midway through the first chapter. It did not take long for people to figure a way around this, however, and have been posting screenshots from the English localization through the game’s third chapter. As a response, Sega pulled the demo from PSN less than a day after putting it up.

“We apologize, but have had to remove the Yakuza 6 :The Song of Life demo from the PlayStation Store,” Sega said on social media. “We are as upset as you are, and had hoped to have this demo available for everyone today. We discovered that some were able to use the demo to unlock the full game. We’re looking into the nature of the issue. Thank you for your patience.”

It is unknown if the existing demo will be patched or turned off in any way. Yakuza 6 is scheduled to release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 17.


Our Take
This isn’t particularly surprising and I am hard-pressed to think of a situation where having more data in a demo didn’t result in people finding ways to access it. Still, hopefully Sega can get a demo out on PSN soon, as I’m sure many are eager to try it.


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