Where's Our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review?

Tomorrow marks the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a massive Switch-exclusive RPG from developer Monolith Soft. Right about now, reviews are hitting for this title… but ours isn’t quite ready yet. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a huge game; I’ve spent about 100 hours with it, and even with that much time invested, I still haven’t finished (though I am so close). While I have certainly formed some pretty solid opinions over that span, I want to be sure to see the story through to its conclusion – especially considering the potential for wild twists. The scope and value of possible post-game content is another element I’d like to take into consideration before issuing a final verdict.

Here’s what I can say that isn’t likely to be influenced by the final chapter: It is a deep RPG with a cool core premise, and set in a world that is fun to explore. I especially like the depth to character progression; if you enjoy allocating various points and taking a hands-on approach to managing your party’s growth, this is basically a dream come true.  

Those are the best parts, but the whole picture isn’t so rosy. Combat is entertaining in bursts, but it drags as the encounters get longer without getting more tactical. Also, much of the quest design feels archaic, with fetch-this and kill-that objectives filling up most of your to-do list. Lastly (and this might change), the story and characters are serviceable, but not necessarily surprising or interesting. 

Check back later (hopefully today!) for a more detailed assessment in our official review.


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