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Weekend Warrior – Hunting Monsters And Kicking BallZ | Gap4.com

Weekend Warrior – Hunting Monsters And Kicking BallZ

What are we up to this weekend? It’s easier to answer the question, “Who isn’t playing Monster Hunter?” Some are going to whoop Frieza’s butt for (over) the 9,000th time in Dragon Ball FigherZ. Others will hop on Overwatch to try the Blizzard World map and get new cosmetics, but little do they realize they will be disappointed when they get nothing but sprays and voice lines for Hanzo. Let us know what exciting activities you’re up to this weekend.

Ben Hanson (@yozetty) – This weekend is all about the GI Game Club for Monster Hunter: World. Next week on the podcast, we’re talking about the low-rank hunts, so if you’re playing the game please send your feedback and thoughts on the experience so far to podcast@gameinformer.com! Oh, and I’ll probably play more Celeste and Dragon Ball FighterZ and Subnautica and stuff … but, still, Monster Hunter.

Jeff Cork (@gijeff) – This weekend, I’m going to hunt monsters until my brain melts. Now that the Monster Hunter: World servers are online, I’m able to see how well the multiplayer works. It’s pretty great to be able to drop into a random player’s hunt and help out, or respond to SOS flares. Aside from that, I have no idea what the weekend will bring. Maybe some Overwatch? Yeah, probably some Overwatch.

Daniel Tack (@dantack) – Parmigiano-Reggiano (chunk), Mozzarella di Bufala, olive oil, tomatoes, Genoa salami, stone ground course mustard, buttermilk jalapeño biscuits, dill deviled eggs, burnt ends with fondue, and stuffed tater tots. And lots of Monster Hunter: World!

Brian Shea (@BrianPShea) – I’m playing a lot of old games. Whether you’re talking a remaster of Final Fantasy X or a complete remake of Pokémon Ruby, I’ve been enjoying some of my favorite franchises of all time. I’ve also been playing a ton of Overwatch thanks to the new cosmetic update, and have been steadily working through Assassin’s Creed Origins (which I’m enjoying aside from the combat). Of course, today signals the release of Monster Hunter: World and Dragon Ball FighterZ, so I’d like to check those out at some point this weekend as well.

Kristin Williams (@kristincreate) – Continuing my Final Fantasy X replay! I’ve got a good feeling about defeating this Sin thing. And probably more Overwatch. I need to learn that Blizzard World map.

Imran Khan (@imranzomg) – I’ve put 60 hours into Monster Hunter: World so far and can probably go another hundred, so I imagine I am going to spend a decent amount of time this weekend helping out new players overcome some of the harder monsters before they get frustrated. I also have Dragon Ball FighterZ to play this weekend – and I’m watching Dragon Ball Super to get caught up. At some point I am going to have to figure out how to have more hours in the day.

Laleh Tobin (@LalehAzarshin ) – This weekend I’ll be living dangerously by braving my not-quite-1-year-old’s swim lesson at the YMCA during peak flu season, then hunkering down for some less-real danger by sinking my teeth into Monster Hunter: World.

Javy Gwaltney (@HurdyIV) – I’m going to be instant transmissioning between hunting monsters and beating the crap out of Frieza (again). I’ll also be wrapping up Vandermeer’s Annihilation novel series.

Kimberley Wallace (@kstar1785) – Not to be too predictable, but I’m going to start Monster Hunter: World and slay beasts with a bunch of friends. It’s a given in any weekend that I’ll play a few Overwatch matches, especially with all the new stuff available. I need to get those loot boxes, because those skins are too good. I’m also back in my D.Va groove and it’s glorious. Other than that, I’ve been reading Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist, which I plan to wrap up. Miss that lady dearly!

Andrew Reiner (@Andrew_Reiner) – The fun begins tonight with Seoul Dynasty taking on the New York Excelsior in Overwatch League. I’m loving this esport just as much as I do watching baseball. I’m hooked. My weekend gaming consists of as much Monster Hunter World as possible. I’ll also play Overwatch competitive with my friends.

Suriel Vasquez (@SurielVazquez) – I’m planning on seeing what Monster Hunter has to offer. I haven’t tried the series but as a fan of games like it, but this sounds like my shot at getting into the series, finally. I’m also planning to play more Dragon Ball FighterZ, and maybe dig into Celeste or Iconoclasts this weekend.

Margaret Andrews (@sopheava) – Looking forward to some big adventures because I … I’m a monster hunter now? Also, I promised the Final Fantasy fans in the office I’d play FFX (my first FF ever), so I better get to that or Shea may never speak to me again. Also also, Overwatch. Always Overwatch.

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I am having a good time with Iconoclasts (look out for the review soon!), but see myself floating over to things like Dragon Ball FighterZ this weekend. But aside from fun video game stuff, I am nursing a sick wife, and have been hovering over my daughter with oranges, demanding she wash her hands to avoid getting sick herself. I imagine that process will continue over the weekend. I also bought Robot Carnival the other day, an anime I had never heard of until recently, so I am looking forward to watching that. 

Joey Thurmond (@DrJoeystein) – There I was, thinking I’d have plenty of time to casually make my way through the God of War series for the first time. There was no way Santa Monica would release the latest one before the fall, right? Let’s say the studio surprised me this past week, so I’m hoping to begin my pantheon-killing spree this weekend with the first God of War. Besides finishing some books as well (I’m coming for you, Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad), I’ll also continue my adventures in Horizon Zero Dawn and Super Mario Odyssey.

Jon Bowman (@MrGameAndWrite) – If I can ever get out of the character (and palico) creator screen, I’m sure I’ll enjoy some Monster Hunter this weekend. Maybe get in some DBZ to get me in the fighting spirit before the Royal Rumble Sunday night.

Robbie Key (@RobbieKeyV) – I’m going to hell … during my first playthrough of Doom 2016, which I’m finding immensely entertaining so far. The game does a great job of making you feel like a badass. I’ll also be attempting to stuff my face with chicken dinners via PUBG with my two cousins and some of our friends on Xbox, and probably hop on Overwatch to get some new skins. And sleeping. It’s perhaps my biggest pastime next to video games.


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