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Video Offers A Quick Look At Bowser's Exposed Back | Gap4.com

Video Offers A Quick Look At Bowser's Exposed Back

Despite Bowser one of gaming’s most recognizable bad guys, we don’t know all that much about him. Where does he get the funds to fund his kidnap attempts and armies? How does he breath fire? Does he have close friends and family he can confide in?

In his latest video, Youtuber Shesez answers another burning question about him: What does he look like without his shell? The latest episode of Boundary Break is a quick one, showcasing how Bowser looks like without his shell in various games. Unlike with Toad, it seems Nintendo has chosen to model Bowser’s entire body within the games he’s featured in, which isn’t always necessary, considering players don’t ever see his back.

As a side note, looking at the Super Mario Odyssey portion of the video, I realized he has to be able to take his shell off, since he wears his Tuxedo beneath it. Neat!


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