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Try Out Crossing Souls A Week Ahead Of Its Release | Gap4.com

Try Out Crossing Souls A Week Ahead Of Its Release

As soon as the trailer starts rolling for Crossing Souls, you can’t help but think of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon or Kung Fury. Their take on the stereotypical 80’s aesthetic is amusing and satirical, but Fourattic’s game is more of a respectful tribute to that decade with its vibrant visuals, eccentric cast, and nostalgic setting. For those that are interested, an hour-long demo is now available ahead of its release on both PS4 and PC.

The premise follows a ragtag group of teens who stumble across an artifact that allows them to interact with specters throughout history. Considering the gameplay has a hodgepodge of elements reminiscent to Hyper Light Drifter, Earthbound, Outland, and more, it might be best to download the newly released demo for yourself to see how it fares.

Crossing Souls involves controlling a party of several characters with light action-RPG combat. Puzzles are spread throughout the experience. These involve interacting with the past and the present, but in-between the brainteasers and building your inventory, there’s plenty of exploration to be had in the gang’s local California town.

To see it in action with more of its revealed premise, synth-like tracks, and animated cutscenes, you can check out the latest trailer below.

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You can download the hour-long demo from Steam or the PlayStation Store before the title releases on February 13 on these two platforms.

[Source: Devolver Digital]


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