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The Third Season Of Fortnite Is Now Live | Gap4.com

The Third Season Of Fortnite Is Now Live

After servers went down to prepare for the V.3.0.0 update earlier this morning, Fortnite is now up and running its third season. Season three brings some big changes to Epic’s build-a-battle playground, including support for 60 frames-per-second on consoles, a powerful Hand Cannon, updates to building mechanics, new cosmetic items, and a new Battle Pass.

For the full scoop on what season three is bringing to Fortnite, check out their patch notes. Here are the important highlights:

  • 60 FPS coming to all PS4 and Xbox One Consoles for Battle Royale. You won’t need a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X to experience Fornite’s increased frame rate 
  • The Hand Cannon is available in both Battle Royale and Save The World modes. It excels at short to mid-range and will use heavy ammo in Battle Royale
  • Hoverboards are now available in Save The World. It’s a pretty cool way to explore the world without expending any energy
  • Improvements to building, including “Turbo Building”, which allows you to hold the primary fire button and build structures quicker than ever, “Auto Material Change” to automatically switch building materials if you run out of one mid-construction, and the ability to build through larger objects like trees, rocks, and vehicles.
  • A new Battle Pass that can be bought in-game to begin a journey to collect cosmetic items such as outfits, dances, pickaxes, gliders, and more.
  • Brand new orchestral score for Save The World and remixed music for the Login, Launch, and Lobby sections of Battle Royale.
  • Color Blind options under the Accessibility tab.
  • Various bug fixes and general improvements

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Fornite continues to see steady growth while PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently had its player base drop for the first time. Either way, season three of Fortnite seems to be further refining the battle royale genre.


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