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The Swords Of Ditto Hits PS4 And PC In April | Gap4.com

The Swords Of Ditto Hits PS4 And PC In April

The Swords of Ditto takes heavy inspiration from the Legend of Zelda franchise. This is true not only in the gameplay style, but in the story as well. Rather than focusing in on the tale of one hero, however, it tells a multi-generational story about a chosen hero who emerges every 100 years to face evil.

In the Zelda franchise, you typically wait a several years to step into
the shoes of a new hero when the next game releases, but with The Swords of Ditto, it’s
instantaneous. If you die in The Swords of Ditto, you don’t try again; you simply awaken 100 years later as the next “chosen hero” and try to pick up where the last hero left off. Of course, with the passage of time comes changes in the world based on how the previous hero did. You can even seek out fallen heroes and resurrect them for a second chance to save the world.

The title also deviates from the classic Zelda games by allowing for cooperative play, and giving players outlandish and powerful special attacks.

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The Swords of Ditto is set to launch April 24 on PlayStation 4 and PC.


Our Take
Ever since I played The Swords of Ditto at PAX West last year, I have been watching for news of a release date. It’s clear that developer Onebitbeyond has a great affection for games
like A Link to the Past through the way it’s approaching The Swords of
Ditto. The game is fun and scratches that Zelda itch while doing some cool new things with both gameplay and story.


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