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Stardew Valley Was Switch's Most Downloaded Game In 2017 | Gap4.com

Stardew Valley Was Switch's Most Downloaded Game In 2017

It is no secret that the Switch is somewhat of an indie success story in its first year, with owners happily buying new and old indie games that appear on its eShop. It appears, under a certain criteria, that Stardew Valley topped the Switch sales list in the last year.

Nintendo released rankings today with no sales numbers attached, but there are a few caveats. Since it’s a Japanese list, it only includes games that were released in Japan, even for the global list. That means games like Golf Story couldn’t be on there. The list is also in two parts, one solely for Japan and one Global.

That said, it’s no surprise Stardew Valley took the top spot, considering how excited people were for the Switch port. It beat out Minecraft, Rocket League, and Sonic Mania. In the Japan-only list, Stardew Valley is not in the top ten at all, with the top spot being taken by Mojang and Microsoft’s Minecraft.

You can find the Japanese list here and the Global list here.

Stardew Valley’s multiplayer expansion, which comes with new content for the single-player portion, is currently being tested for release. It will be supported on all of Stardew Valley’s platforms except for the upcoming PlayStation Vita version.


Our Take
Stardew Valley definitely deserves the praise and high sales. Hopefully indies continue seeing success on the Switch in the future.


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