Square Enix Updates Chrono Trigger PC Release For Classic Graphics Options

Square Enix has begun the task of fixing the PC release of Chrono Trigger with first of several updates designed to make the game look more like its SNES counterpart.

The update today added a new option in the game’s graphics settings simply called “Original,” removing the filter that blended the port’s pixel-art sprites together in a way that was heavily criticized upon release. Fonts and dialogue windows have also been updated in line with the new changes.

The patch notes also mention that this is the first of several changes, as the UI will be fixed and optimized in further updates to allow for better experiences for both controller and keyboard users. There will also be changes to optimize the resolution for the animated cutscenes.

[Source: Steam Community]


Our Take
I am kind of surprised Square Enix is going so far after initially judging the port quality to be fine. I wonder if they misjudged the audience or misjudged the amount of flack they would take for it.


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