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Sega Polling For Persona Dancing Crossover Costumes

Sega is no stranger to leveraging its brands across various games, such as Persona 5 costumes in Sonic Forces just last year. Now, that cross-branding is going in reverse as Sega is polling which of its IPs would work best as Persona Dancing costumes.

The Twitter poll, which you can find here, lists three different series in this order: Yakuza, Virtua Fighter, and Sonic the Hedgehog. At the time of writing, Yakuza is winning without Sonic far behind, but Virtua Fighter a distant third to both of the other choices. The poll closes in two days, so you better get your votes in while you can.

If you have dreams of dressing Aigis up as Kiryu and having her dance with Akihiko dressed as Goro Majima, or dressing Joker up as Shadow the Hedgehog, this might be your best chance.

Persona Dancing Moon Night and Dancing Star Night are releasing May 24 in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Vita. A western release has not been announced yet.


Our Take
I voted Yakuza and will be bitterly disappointed if Koromaru does not get a Majima costume.


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