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Report: Final Fantasy VII Remake's Cloud Will Be True To The Original By Being Dorkier | Gap4.com

Report: Final Fantasy VII Remake's Cloud Will Be True To The Original By Being Dorkier

With the Final Fantasy VII Remake still about three years out, fans are eager to learn any new details about how it will stay true or alter the design of FFVII. One thing that might stay the same might feel like a change for fans, however, as Cloud Strife may be dorkier in the remake than players remember.

According to Siliconera, the artist behind the original FFVII and director of the remake Tetsuya Nomura said during an exhibition celebrating the Final Fantasy series’ 30th anniversary in Japan that although many remember Cloud as a brooding hero, he was more of a dork in the original game. “I believe those of you who played the the original would understand what I mean by saying he’s a dorky character,” he said.

Development leader on the remake Naoki Hamaguchi said that while redesigning Cloud’s character was difficult for the team, Nomura has finally signed off the current design. Nomura event commented that the current design is “the closest one to the original up until now.”

Although the panel shared a few new screenshots with the audience, we didn’t learn much else from the panel. No word the remake’s release date was given. For a discussion about how the original game holds up after all these years, make sure to watch our Game Club discussion of Final Fantasy VII.

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Our Take
As someone who’s never really played through FFVII, I definitely developed an image of Cloud as a sort of self-serious hero through some of the other stuff I saw, like Advent Children. Although some fans might not like the shift back to the dorkier original, this makes me more likely to play the game when it releases in the year 2049.


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