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Reader Discussion – How Many Video Game Novels Have You Read? | Gap4.com

Reader Discussion – How Many Video Game Novels Have You Read?

Video games are often obsessed with lore and backstories. They build worlds that, at their best, feel like they could not only be real, but exist outside the confines of the adventures of whatever story you’re participating in at the time. And when the game ends, the best worlds entice you to dig deeper, to learn more about their worlds through in-game lore, videos, and sometimes, even books. So we want to know: How many of these books have you read?

I’ve definitely read my share. Around the time StarCraft II came out, I devoured a few of the ancillary novels that recontexualized the events of the original StarCraft, delved into the backstory of Arcturus Mengsk, and even told me who Nova was before she made her official debut.

More recently, however, I’ve started reading some of the Witcher books. Now, that’s cheating a bit, because really, the Witcher games are based on the books. But the games are the reason I took interest in them, and they flesh out the world of a series I love, so I’m counting them. And they’re really good! They can be a little dense and I’ve had to look up several jargon terms specific to their world, but the themes and lessons at their heart have been good so far. I’m two books in and I’ll probably continue on to the third.

So what video game books have you read? Did you actually read the Mass Effect novel that came with the special edition of the first game? Have you ever read one of the Halo books? Is that Dante’s Inferno adaptation any good? Let us know in the comments!


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