Ratings Board Listing Indicates Super Bomberman R Might Come To PS4

A Korean Ratings Board listing indicates that Konami’s Bomberman revival might be coming from the Switch to the PlayStation 4.

The Bomberman title launched with alongside the Nintendo Switch last March, becoming a marked success for Konami, which was widely thought to have mostly removed themselves from console game development. A year later, Konami seems keen on trying to see if the game succeeds elsewhere, according to the Korean ratings board.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Korean ratings board has leaked a game ahead of its announcements, with the most notable recent example being Assassin’s Creed Rogue HD a bit before its official announcement.

Konami has stated that Super Bomberman R has sold “very well” and has been quietly supplying the game with free DLC since launch, including numerous options for multiplayer and new characters from Rumble Roses, Zone of the Enders, and Castlevania.


Our Take
A port certainly isn’t surprising, but I wonder if the game will do as well separate from the Switch’s local multiplayer focus and not at a system’s launch.


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