PUBG Corp. Outlines 2018 Roadmap With Two New Maps

PUBG Corporation and Bluehole have unveiled their roadmap for content in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, including two new maps, emotes, outfits, and more.

The developers are experimenting with a 4×4 kilometer map, a smaller size that they explain is designed to facilitate a faster and more intense battle royale experience. The map is themed after a tropical jungle and they hope to get it on the test server as soon as next month.

A second map double the size of the jungle one is also in the works. There’s no information about it yet, but the developers want to involve player feedback as early as possible.

You can also look forward to some tinkering with the game modes. Though they didn’t supply any details, PUBG Corp. are looking into the various ways they can play around with the formula. New weapons, attachments, and vehicles are planned this year, with vehicles getting the first priority in the first half of this year and weapon-related items being sprinkled throughout the second half of the year.

New graphical overhauls will be hitting the game to give buildings a more unique look, as well as tweaks to audio to make it more responsive to your surroundings, especially for vehicles.

Finally, the developers want to make changes to parachuting unarmed combat, but were sparse on details of both. While this roadmap is for the PC version of the game, most changes and additions should eventually float to the Xbox One version, which is balanced separately.

[Source: PUBG Blog]


Our Take
I am most curious about what changes they are making to game modes. While they’d never outright say it, I suspect they have noticed that Fortnite is riding a wave of popularity right now, and are looking to see if they can integrate those changes in PUBG.

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