People Are Sharing Their Parents' Reactions To Kylie Jenner's New Baby After One Mom Had No Idea Who She Was

Cheryl found out who Kylie Jenner is on Wednesday of this week.

Kara Della Valle, a 25-year-old from Canada, texted her mom Cheryl about Kylie Jenner’s baby on Sunday. Kara only did so, she told BuzzFeed News, because she had previously explained the drama around the possible pregnancy to her mom. “I don’t think she was listening,” she said.

Kara Della Valle

Her mom told BuzzFeed News in an email on Wednesday that she had “just heard about the tweeter post.”

“When she texted me I wasn’t sure who she was talking about,” she said of the conversation they had on Sunday.

“It was late and I thought it was a girl she went to school with because she’s at the age where all her friends are getting married and having kids. I just thought it was another one.”

Cheryl said that she only watches “crime shows and the Grammys,” on television, along with her daughter’s YouTube channel.

Kara explained who Kylie was to her mom on Wednesday. “I have since learned who Kylie is and I feel silly now that I know,” the mom said. “I have seen her on magazines and I am familiar of the Kardashian name.”

Kara Della Valle

Kara, however, is not fully confident that her mom knows what’s going on. “I think she thinks it’s Kim Kardashian, but I don’t know,” she said. “She’s just living her life. She doesn’t care.”

“I hope Kylie and her baby are doing well and I wish them the best,” she said.

The whole situation made Cheryl happy. “At first I felt silly for being wrong about Kylie because she is a famous person,” the mom said. “Overall I laughed and it made me happy to share a funny memory with my daughter.”

Unlike Cheryl, according to Kara, her dad is a huge fan and follower of the Kardashian/Jenner family. “He’s obsessed with the show,” she said.

And Kara does not envy her mom’s ignorance. “I like keeping up with the Kardashians,” she said with a laugh.


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