Overwatch Grants Option To Change Skins Before Matches

Blizzard vice president Jeff Kaplan took the the Overwatch forums in August 2016 to let players know about the possibility of changing skins before matches begin. He wrote that the feature wasn’t a priority for the team and, if it were implemented, would only be allowed during the pre-match phase to avoid confusion during games. Over a year later, Blizzard may have lived up to the statement of this issue not being paramount, but the studio’s finally broken its streak by integrating the option with the upcoming Lunar New Year event update. You can check out how the skin selection screen will appear in the tweet below sent out from the Overwatch Twitter account.

It also appears that the patch notes for the upcoming update were briefly leaked as well and taken down from the Overwatch forums according to observant Reddit users. Some of the alleged changes and bug fixes are notable (such as with Doomfist), but we will follow up on this story once Blizzard officially releases the patch notes.

[Source: Overwatch on Twitter]


Our Take
My friends and I have been clamoring for this option since Overwatch’s launch. When it comes to particular maps and team compositions, I feel like, say, changing Genji’s skin to his Sentei or Olympic variants on Hanamura. Or for particular events, I ‘d enjoy switching off to appropriately themed skins on visually overhauled maps. It’s great to see that Blizzard was finally able to fit this much-requested feature into the game.


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