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New Gameplay Today – Days Gone | Gap4.com

New Gameplay Today – Days Gone

Yesterday, we showed off the first hour of Sony Bend Studio’s game Days Gone, complete with developer commentary. Today, we’re picking up right where the action left off, showing what comes after players leave Copeland’s camp. We’ve got a packed house, with Ben Hanson and Jeff Marchiafava joining Leo and me in the discussion. There’s a lot to take in, including some exploration, clearing out a couple of smaller camps, and plenty of freakers infected. 

Hanson and Fava were on the cover trip with me, and they all were able to play through this section on their own. Fortunately, they wield that expertise as a way to keep the conversation going, instead of second-guessing my every action – which may or may not include a few missed shots. Look, I was nervous, and I was using a weird controller or something? Probably?

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