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New Area And Weapon Discovered In Shadow Of The Colossus Remake | Gap4.com

New Area And Weapon Discovered In Shadow Of The Colossus Remake

Earlier this week, Brian from the PS4Trophies YouTube channel made some tantalizing connections with a mysterious new collectible called “Enlightenments” in Shadow of the Colossus. Bluepoint’s remake contains a shout out to “Nomad Colossus and the 79 steps to enlightenment” in the credits. The player is well known for his detailed exploits in scavenging every nook and cranny of the original game for clues and secrets, and he once pondered the placement of a strange door on the temple’s side, but nothing came of it. After a lengthy live stream with Brian, he eventually came back to the same door upon finding all the collectibles and discovered that it opened after praying in front of it, revealing an ominous chamber with a special weapon at its center.

The Sword of Dormin is the result of the week-long search by Shadow of the Colossus players, which boasts greater damage at the expense of some health regeneration. Shadows dance and trickle around the blade and its ancient finish, which also casts out a beam of darkness rather than light. While it seems like the quest has come to a seeming end, but some might say it’s just getting started. You can watch the moment where Brian’s persistence pays off in his recorded live stream below.

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[Source: PS4Trophies via Kotaku]


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