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Monster Hunter World's Day One Update Is Needed For Multiplayer | Gap4.com

Monster Hunter World's Day One Update Is Needed For Multiplayer

For those planning to pick up Monster Hunter World this Friday, remember to set aside a little time for an important day one update.

Version 1.01 – which weighs in at a relatively lightweight 815 MB – will be available as soon as players boot the game up for the first time. It’s a pretty crucial update, as it not only lets players get content from the servers, but it lets them access multiplayer, which is a pretty important aspect of the game for a lot of hunters.

The update also adds a Gallery mode to rewatch any cutscenes, fixes a few unspecified bugs, and adds a poogie to your central hub area. The poogie is a small pig who can be petted with proper timing and will eventually let you pick them up, sniffing out treasure for you as you walk around town.

Monster Hunter World releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26. A PC version has been announced but is not expected until Autumn.


Our Take
Luckily, it’s not too big of an update, so hopefully it shouldn’t take players much time at all to download. This is, of course, assuming PSN servers hold up. Considering it’s a pretty big day for game releases, we can just cross our fingers and hope.


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