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Microsoft Might Be Building An Accessibility-Minded Controller | Gap4.com

Microsoft Might Be Building An Accessibility-Minded Controller

A leaked image today shows that Microsoft appears to be building a controller with accessibility in mind.

Reported by Windows Central, the controller is designed with improving accessibility for people without the ability to play games using a modern controller comfortably. The images show a flat controller with an Xbox One D-pad and two rounded surfaces for the A and B buttons, though it is likely those functions are programmable. All the various other functions of an Xbox One controller are represented by grooved impressions at the top of the controller and a USB port allows for expansion or programming of the controller’s functions.

Microsoft is often lauded by accessibility groups for various improvements and additions to the Xbox One interface for making games easier to play. The PlayStation 4 added button remapping for similar reasons. Nintendo is often criticized for not allowing things like system level, or even game-specific, button remapping to help people who cannot, for example, comfortably or otherwise pull triggers and would like major functions remapped to face buttons.

The image itself looks like a marketing or product shot, so assuming it is real, it should be revealed fairly soon.

[Source: Windows Central]


Our Take
If this leaked image is legitimate, then hopefully it helps people enjoy games more. Microsoft has been making it a point to be more inclusive for things like this, like the reintroduced Avatars with wheelchairs, as an example.


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