Mario Tennis Aces To Arrive In June

Today during Nintendo’s direct, the publisher announced that the latest title in the popular Mario tennis spin-off by developer Camelot will be hitting early this Summer. The direct also broke down the various strategies you can use on the court, like zone shots and trick shots, which allow you to use powerful shots to dominate your foes. The video showcased a movie called a special shot that’s capable of destroying opponent’s racket. If you don’t care for all those fancy moves, you can just play with simple rules, meaning it’s pure tennis.

Nintendo also mentioned the game would have online play, unlockable costumes, and a mode that lets you swing your joycon like a racket.

The game launches June 22. There will be a pre-launch tournament, much like with Splatoon 2 and Arms’ pre-release versions, that will let players try the game for network testing purposes.

For more on Mario Tennis, you can read our review of the last game, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.

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