Laser League Dashes To Steam Early Access, Gets Limited-Time Discount

Laser League, an indie game on PC from the
developers behind OlliOlli, is now available to download in Steam Early Access.

This vivid title with aesthetics heavily inspired
by Tron features a top-down view of players competing in one of 12 arenas set
in three stadiums. Using various classes, the objective is to eliminate the
other team with abilities, power-ups, or by knocking them into a grid with the
opposite color of your team. Matches can be played locally with up to eight
players split into two teams, or online with two-on-two or three-on-three bouts.

Laser League will be discounted to $10.49 for a
“limited time.” There is no specific date for when the sale goes away, but the price
will go back to $14.99 afterward. As with any title in Steam Early Access, the
developers are taking feedback from players to fix and polish the game before
its final release.

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Check out our hands-on preview
of Laser League here.


Our Take
This looks like a fun multiplayer game, especially when played locally, and the Tron-like visuals fit well with the gameplay mechanics and setting.

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