Kirby Developers HAL Laboratory Release Part Time UFO On Mobile

All of a sudden, the developers best known for Kirby games releases a mobile game on Android and iOS yesterday centering around a UFO looking for a job.

HAL Laboratories released the game yesterday for $3.99. The game had been available in Japan under the title Working UFO for a little while, but only just released in America. It focuses on a UFO that has come to Earth and, new to the planet, needs a job. Gameplay resembles UFO catcher, or crane, games where you pick up and move things based on timing. Of course, like all HAL Lab games, the gameplay evolves around those mechanics.

And you get to dress up for work!

You can go ahead and download the game now. While HAL has a close relationship with Nintendo, with former HAL president Satoru Iwata working closely with Nintendo before eventually joining the company’s executive team, the studio is technically independent and can produce and release games on their own. 


Our Take
HAL’s little experimental games like this and Boxboy are always fun ideas. I kind of hope they keep plugging away at smaller but inventive ideas like this.

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