King Of Fighters 97 Being Re-Released With Online Play On PS4, Vita, And PC

Announced at EVO Japan, SNK is bringing King of Fighters 97 to modern systems with online play (iOS version pictured).

Dubbed Global Edition, the new version of the game is essentially a straight port of the game with the added benefit of playing online. Little else is known about it, but hopefully there are additional training features and replay modes available, as well.

The new game should be available in Spring 2018, though with it being an announcement at EVO Japan, it’s difficult to tell if that window is regional. We’ll see in just a few months!


Our Take
I am a little surprised they went with 97, considering how much more popular KoF 98 is. I’m also a little surprised at the lack of a Switch version, the arcade ports have been selling pretty well. Then again, this is a re-release based primarily on online play, so maybe the Switch infrastructure just isn’t there for them yet.

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