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I'm About To ~Break The Ice~ On The US Figure Skating Team's Relationship Drama | Gap4.com

I'm About To ~Break The Ice~ On The US Figure Skating Team's Relationship Drama

*knowingly sips tea in those frigid Pyeongchang temps*

Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue: EXES.

According to TeamUSA.org, Hubbell and Donohue “literally loathed each other” when they were first paired in 2011 because they used to compete against each other. However, all that ~tension~ was finally released six months later when the two started dating. They were together two and a half years before splitting up due to “their explosive personalities.” Hubbell and Donohue have managed to remain great friends and teammates though, and they have both moved on with other figure skaters…


SO GET THIS Y’ALL. Hubbz is now dating Spanish skater Adrian Diaz and Zach D. is dating ADRIAN’S SKATING PARTNER, Olivia Smart!!! AAAAAAND both Hubbell and Donohue have moved to Montreal to live AND train alongside their new significant others!!!

See above for a handy dandy chart I made to help you visualize this drama.

instagram.com / Me

Madison Chock and Evan Bates: DATING.

The Michigan couple has been skating together since 2011 and went on their first date even before that, around ten years ago! However, they decided to skate as friends for a while and only became ~official~ last year. Today, the national ice-dancing bronze medalists are inseparable and have two toy poodles, Henry and Stella, who frequent their Instagrams regularly.


Madison also makes all of their costumes. Ladies, let this be a lesson: if your man won’t let you dress him up in body-hugging sequined latex and then willingly parade around in front of millions of people, DUMP 👏 HIM. 👏

Instagram: @chockolate02

Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani: JUST SIBLINGS. Calm down.

No tea to spill here.


So wholesome and uncomplicated.

Instagram: @maiashibutani

Alexa Scimeca-Knierim and Chris Knierim: MARRIED.

The two were first paired as a team in 2012, and later went on to win the 2015 US national title. The Knierims were then married in June 2016 by their coach who acted as their officiant!!! OMG ADORBS.


Also, they have a stroller for their cats. That is all.




*Me watching the pairs ice dancing division*

*Me watching the pairs ice dancing division*


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