Hunt: Showdown's First Content Update Is A Big One

Crytek is taking full advantage of Hunt: Showdown’s Early Access nature with the release of the shooter’s first major content update. The patch makes some fundamental changes to the game, including the addition of scoped weapons, new traits, and a variety of tweaks to level designs to make camping a little less easy.

There’s a lot to absorb with today’s update, but the team has created a couple of videos to help communicate what’s been added and what’s changing. In the first video, the game’s senior system designer and lead designer walk through the highlights of the patch overall.

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That’s followed by a walkthrough of the extensive map changes with Hunt: Showdown’s level design director. 

(Please visit the site to view this media)

The game is currently available on PC in early access. For more on Hunt: Showdown, take a look at our recent episode of New Gameplay Today.

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