Hello Neighbor And Five Other TinyBuild Ports Are Coming To Switch

Several indie games from developer TinyBuild are heading to Switch soon, including Hello Neighbor and Clustertruck.

Each game is priced $14.99, with the exception of Hello Neighbor which is launching at $39.99. You can read a short description of these handful of games coming to Switch below.

Hello Neighbor (releasing on Switch at some point this year): A stealth-horror game about breaking into a neighbor’s home undetected.

• The Final Station (releasing on Switch this month): A post-apocalyptic side-scroller that takes place on a train.

• Clustertruck (releasing on Switch in March): A platformer with zany physics, where you jump on top of moving trucks. You can watch us play a portion of it here.

• Punch Club (releasing on Switch in May): A 16-bit fighter that includes choose-your-own adventure gameplay mixed with sim management.

• Party Hard (releasing on Switch this Summer): A strategy stealth game where you attempt to stop a neighbor’s loud party at 3 a.m.

Streets of Rogue (releasing on Switch later this year): A procedurally generated action RPG with brutal death mechanics.

TinyBuild announced these ports during a livestream yesterday. You can watch the archived video here.


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