Get A Close Look At Kidrobot's New God Of War Vinyl Mini-Figures

Kidrobot’s new line of vinyl mini-figures stars characters from the upcoming God of War. These figures are obtainable through blind-boxes, so if you want a particular figure, you’ll need a little luck on your side.

We were sent a box of God of War vinyl mini-figure blind-boxes to crack open. I was pleasantly surprised that the box contained exactly three of each figure, meaning the odds are seemingly equal no matter which character you want (it says as much on the side of the individual boxes). I did notice, at least in the box we received, that each row featured the same three characters, so if you look at the photo below, the three boxes missing from the retail display box were all the same. That means that if all boxes are packaged similarly, you’ll want to grab your blind-boxes from different parts of the display.

The figures have a distinct look that will probably be hit-or-miss for fans. Unlike the previous Sonic the Hedgehog line, or the South Park: The Fractured But Whole series, the God of War mini-figures are more stylized away from the look found in the games.

Check out our gallery below to get a close look at these vinyl mini-figures. The blind-boxes hit store shelves tomorrow, February 13.

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