Fourth Expansion For Battlefield 1, Apocalypse, Arrives In February

The aptly named expansion for Battlefield 1 Apocalypse, the fourth major expansion, hits next month, developer Dice announced today. The hellish looking expansion brings with it five new maps including battles set in Passchendaele and Caporetto as well as two aerial dogfight-focused maps. There’s also a new Air Assault mode that pits players against one another in planes.

Dice also says that Apocalypse includes new “vehicles, weapons, and gadgets” for players to get their hands on, but doesn’t give many details outside of the Rocket Gun that the Assault Class can use to help take down enemy aircraft.

The expansion will be available to premium pass holders sometime next month, though a date has not been given. For the full rundown of what Apocalypse is bringing to the front, head over to the official page here.

Battlefield 1 was one of our favorite shooters of 2016, with Editor Matt Bertz writing in his review “the World War I setting feels refreshingly different than the modern sensibilities of contemporary Battlefield games.”

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