Destiny 2 – Xur's Gear Rewards And Location For The Weekend Of November 10

Everybody’s working for the weekend – and the exotic gear that Destiny 2’s mysterious merchant Xur brings for those three days. This time around Xur is set up near the Watcher’s Grave fast travel point on Nessus. In Destiny 2, Bungie was kind enough to include his location on the map, so you should have no trouble finding him.

This weekend Xur is selling the Prospector exotic grenade launcher, which, like most grenade launchers in Destiny 2, shouldn’t be your first choice. Xur also has some exotic helmets available for each class. For Hunters he has Foetracer, a must have for PvP. For Titan’s there’s An Insurmountable Skullfort, a great choice for Striker Titans who enjoy an all-out brawl. For Warlock’s there’s the Eye of Another World, a solid choice if you haven’t already picked it up during the campaign.

Xur is only offering this gear for the next three days, so make sure to swing on by Nessus this weekend to pick up some exotic goodies. You can find images for each piece of gear below.

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