Call of Duty: WWII Limited-Time Event Announced, Bringing New Modes, Weapons, And Division

Activision has announced a time-limited event for Call of Duty: WWII titled The Resistance which brings a host of new things to the multiplayer FPS.

The event begins in just a few days on January 23 and lasts all the way to February 27. Titled The Resistance, the event brings a new Division to the game, also called the Resistance, which provides a new player class to the game with its own class-specific skills and perks and a focus on close-range combat.

The event reintroduces Prop Hunt to Call of Duty, a hide-and-seek mode where a player takes the form of an in-game object and does their best to blend in without being found. It also brings Demolition, which resembles Search-and-Destroy with respawning.

Players can also access the Orso SMG, combat knife, and Volkssturmgewehr assault rifle through completing Orders.

The event ends just ahead of the game’s first DLC pack, also called The Resistance, which launches on PlayStation 4 on January 30. It includes new maps for War Mode, Zombies, and three maps for multiplayer. The DLC will come to other platforms at an unspecified later date.

Call of Duty: WWII is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The NPD Group and Activision have confirmed that the title is the best selling game of 2017.


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I get that branding is important, but they maybe could have made these names a little less confusing.

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