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Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (January 25, 2018) | Gap4.com

Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (January 25, 2018)

We are back on
track this week with another edition of Blog Herding. We’ve got blogs about
people playing games, people watching games, and blogs about zero video games.
Dive in!

Community Blogs
For January 18 – January 24:

Look Back at Nier

It’s weird to think about how old Nier is, and be in a time and place where its
kinda-sequel is still pretty popular. Here Phoenix_Apollo, who wrote a review
nearly seven years ago, looks at what Nier was all about. It truly was a bizarre,
wonderful game – and one our blogger remembers better than others.

Triple-A Publishers Obsessed With “Games As Service?”

BethesdaWare isn’t so sure about this whole games-as-service rhetoric. It
makes sense that developers would want to keep making money as games grow in
size and scope … but what is wrong with just providing some real single player?
Our blogger makes some good points.

Long Awaited Return

This isn’t a blog about gaming, but instead a tale of what longtime member,
Prince of Snark Euphoric Ennui I, has been up to. He used to be a frequent
writer, and it looks like you will see more of him in the blog section soon.
Give him a warm welcome back!

Year in Review (As a Human)

Writergirl2394 writes much like Ennui does, foregoing video games for some real
talk. As someone who knows Duluth and Uptown Minneapolis well, I can say that I
would miss Duluth in your shoes, but it sounds like you are doing well – even
if you are still figuring things out. We all kind of are.

Watching Others Play Video Games is Special to Me – Part 2

GerardoExber takes us through a second round of this topic. In some ways,
Gerardo likes watching people play games to see if it is something he would be
into. It’s also a way for him to see the game through another set of eyes. I
mean, how many people have been thrilled by what others are doing in Breath of
the Wild, for instance? I used to love watching other’s game (usually I had my
own television and game going as well, and we were both playing JRPGs). 

Gaming Rushmores Episode 2 – The Standout Games Of 2017

Marcus Stewart teams up with Jack Gardner and Kevin Slackie to talk about the best games
of the year, and even manage to pick a definitive top-four favorites.

Community Challenge:

Challenge: Crafting The Perfect Open World

Haley Shipley is in charge of this current challenge (deadline: Feb. 5). It’s
her first time putting this feature together, and she is switching it up a
little bit. “This month, I want you to design a world you can sink days into.
Tell us how large the map is going to be, what sort of environments you can
find, and a bit about the people and places you can find. Work those
imaginations and create the next big open-world franchise!”

Community Playdate:

So, who is up for Monster Hunter: World on PS4? I plan on
playing a lot of this, and want to set up some playdates for the game. Let me
know if you’re interested in the comments!

I hope you enjoy
the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with
any blog news or playdate suggestions. 


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