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Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (January 18, 2018) | Gap4.com

Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (January 18, 2018)

Everyone is still
looking back at 2017, while some are already getting hyped for what this year
brings in gaming. Plenty of blogs to read this week in our newest edition!

Community Blogs
For January 4 – January 17:

Ten Games I Beat In The Year

Beating games is tough. I finally beat Breath of the Wild Monday night after
“rushing” through about 12 hours of game. So, it’s nice to see that other
people still have time to beat games, and these are Christian’s favorite games
he completed in 2017. I am unsure if I even beat 10 games last year.

2017: Father Titan’s Top Five

Father Titan is here to write about his favorite games of last year as well.
I’ve only played two on this list, but after I spend time on BOTW DLC and more
exploring (give it a couple months), I swear my next game to beat is Horizon:
Zero Dawn.

2017 Top Games

Writergirl2394 doesn’t write about over 2,000 favorite games, but rather just the top
ones from 2017 (though that would be quite the undertaking!). It’s quite
interesting to see Doki Doki Literature Club make these end-of-year lists so
often. I might eventually give in.

Thoughts on Master Mode Breath of the Wild

I just beat this game, so I was interested in what Rival_M had to write
about this mode. Interestingly, it touches on the first DLC pack more than
anything. Now I need that upgraded Master Sword (even if my Link is already
overpowered). Here’s to another 100 hours.

a Heropon Played in 2017

Monster Hunter Stories and Pokémon Sun are both touched on in Heropon’s blog,
so I recommend reading it on that fact alone. I am so behind on Pokémon games,
and I keep hearing just how great Sun and Moon are.I’

JRPG Series That Need to Make a Comeback

Matastig pretty much picks each JRPG I would love to see make a comeback. I
mean, how good is Suikoden? Or how good was it, rather? I’m still sad my Wild
Arms save glitched and I couldn’t beat it, but I wouldn’t mind more of those
games, or the uniqueness of Dragon Quarter to come back. I would also like to
see some more Arc the Lad and Front Mission.

Adventures of a Gamer Teacher: Back to Nintendo

A recent loss (sorry for your loss) helped propel GerardoExber back to
playing Nintendo games. And I mean stand on the bed playing Twilight Princess
level of playing, which is really cool. Nintendo games are special like that.

Franchises Paired With Dream Developers

This is a super fun blog from BethesdaWare. I wouldn’t mind seeing some
different developers tackle beloved series and properties. Why not? Well,
besides legal reasons.

Memoriam: The Kinect

Craigaleg writes to us about the poorly used Kinect. I honestly can’t remember
a game that was really worthwhile on it, but I did have fun taking Star Wars
for a test drive at CES one year. And the Dragon Ball game seemed like it could
be cool. But man, that thing tanked.

You Still Have Faith In BioWare

BethesdaWare brings up a good point. BioWare has been a fantastic developer,
but made quite the huge mistake with the latest Mass Effect game. Does that
mean we should no longer believe in the company? No. Should we be more
skeptical going forward? Yes. Regardless, David Gaider is gone, and Dragon Age
– my favorite RPG series of the Xbox 360 era – will never be the same.

I hope you enjoy
the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with
any blog news or playdate suggestions.


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