Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (February 8, 2018)


An eclectic
mixture of blogs are collected below. You won’t want to skip a word!

Community Blogs
For February 2 – February 7:

The Adventures of a Gamer Teacher Special:
Multiplayer Joy

At this point, poet and blogger GerardoExber should just be hired as Nintendo’s
official poet. That should totally be a thing.

Mega Man Legends Nostalgia
Phoenix_Apollo had me at Mega Man Legends. It had been six years since our
blogger played it, but he decided to go back thanks to the memories of
the game. Isolation isn’t something you would normally think of with a Mega Man
game, but that’s what Legends had loads of. While the writer struggles with the
idea of going back to replay a game with so much new stuff on shelves, I think
it’s great to go back and relive these games. As soon as I get most of my
Monster Hunter itch out of the way at hour 400, I want to go back and replay
the Legends series, including the Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

GMC: Building Realms
StarterPack goes all in creating a world he would like to come to life in an
open-world video game. It’s nice to read something with so much creativity and
thought put into it. I would play your game!

on Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Thunder gives us a pretty good look
at the Omnia beta. I was interested until I read, “All in all, Opera
Omnia is a remarkably solid effort in the ever-crowded mobile
character-collector space.” These types of games just never keep me interested
for too long, unfortunately.

Challenge: An Open-World, Open-Door Policy

I love this intro from Haley Shipley: “Between picking Horizon Zero Dawn back
up, watching my roommate 100% Far Cry: Primal, and exploring the open world
that is Colorado hiking, I’m in love. The freedom to go anywhere, do anything
isn’t daunting – it’s intoxicating.” That’s how I felt when on honeymoon in the
Redwood forests and navigating Crater Lake.
And I am digging her Judge Dredd-like idea.

Things I Like About Rise of the Tomb Raider

I feel like I didn’t hear much about this game upon release, so it is nice to
read this from Timothy Repasky. It’s such a fun world to play in; I can’t wait
to jump back in and finish it.


Secretlab Titan
Buying a gaming chair or desk chair is never easy. You don’t know how comfy it
will be, or how well made it is. But Brendon Curzio seems to enjoy this Titan
chair, which even comes with a head pillow!

Review: A Return to The Deep

Writergirl2394 is here to tell you how awesome this trek through deep waters
is. It is far from perfect, but you can bet on updates fixing these things.
Though I do cringe when I read, “random bugs.”

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