Blizzard Might Be Teasing Diablo III On Switch

Blizzard tweeted a small video today that might be indicating a port of their latest Diablo game to Nintendo’s newest system.

The tweet showed a light switch connected to a Diablo nightlight being flicked up and down. A plain reading of the imagery is that Diablo is coming to the Switch, which would mark the first time since the Nintendo 64 port of Starcraft that a Blizzard game has officially been on a Nintendo system.

You can check out the video below.

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That’s all we can guess at until Blizzard decides to say more, but it’s difficult to interpret that as anything else, save maybe for a weird advertisement for a Diablo nightlight. With E3 only three months away, maybe Blizzard plans to say some more at the event.


Our Take
I would absolutely play Diablo III on the Switch. If it is real, I wonder if it will feature Nintendo content like the bonus The Last of Us enemies in the PlayStation 4 version.

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