Battle Royale Title Darwin Project Coming To Xbox Game Preview Next Week

Darwin Project, a multiplayer title that blends survival and
battle royale elements, will hit Xbox Game Preview next week.

In 10-person matches set up like a reality show, the goal
is to be the last one standing. Opponents can be taken out with weapons like
bows and axes, setting traps, or by the hazardous cold weather. Defensive tools
like energy shields can also be crafted, though any actions can leave behind
clues of your whereabouts.

Players can also either control the match as show director
or watch as an audience member. Show directors has powers such as launching
nukes and closing zones, while the audience watching from streaming platforms
determine which player or zone the weapons will be inflicted upon.

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Darwin Project goes live on Xbox Game Preview March 9 and costs
$24.99. The game was first revealed at E3 2017 during Microsoft’s press
conference as a console launch exclusive.




As someone who has been playing much PUBG
lately, I think Darwin Project has potential, but I need to see more from it.
Hopefully this preview will be a great hint of what’s to come from ever-growing
battle royale genre.

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