Ariana Grande And Jimmy Fallon Are Jamming With Nintendo Labo Tonight

Nintendo Labo, the cardboard-based toy and software hybrid on the Nintendo Switch, will be featured on Jimmy Fallon tonight in a musical segment.

Revealed on IGN today, the mega-popular pop singer Ariana Grande, the Tonight Show house band The Roots, and host Jimmy Fallon will be playing music on the show tonight with only Labo-made instruments. Grande, best known for her song Dangerous Woman, will be lending her award-winning vocals to the segment.

Fallon met with Nintendo as part of their Labo Garage which invited influencers and celebrities to build things out of the variety kit, such as this segment with Bill Nye. Fallon asked if other things could be made, such as a guitar, and the genesis of the cardboard band was born. They put rubberbands on the Switch itself to simulate strumming the guitar and programming the Switch to emit musical sounds to closely match the instrument.

The bit will air on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight.

[Source: IGN]

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