Android 21 Confirmed As Playable Fighter For Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21, the only original character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, has been confirmed as a playable fighter for the game.

The news comes the latest issue of V-Jump magazine in Japan which reveals she has a Majin form that she uses in combat. She basically has the same characters model, but changes her outfit, gains a tail, and her skin is Majin-pink. Up until now, Bandai Namco has been coy about her, confirming her inclusion in the story, but not that she is a fighter.

As part of our month of coverage from when Dragon Ball FighterZ was on our cover, we put together a feature detailing everything we knew about her at the time. You can read that here. We also spoke with the game’s producer and director about game’s the story and talked about 21 with them. You can find that video here, or by watching the embed below.

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