A Way Out Has Sold Over One Million Copies, According To Developer

A Way Out developer Hazelight studios has announced the game has sold over one million copies in two weeks.

Although its adventures produced some lows along with its highs, players have resonated with the cooperative title. Part of the game’s success with players could have been due to one player being able to play the game cooperatively for free as long as the other had purchased a copy of the game.

A Way Out is part of EA’s Originals program, which gives the profits of the game to the independent developers who make them. Other titles in the EA Originals program include Fe and Unravel.

[Source: Hazelight Studios on Twitter]


Our Take
It’s cool to see A Way Out do well for Hazelight. Though it may not succeed on every level, its fascinating structure and bold ideas are something I’d like to see more of.


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